Episode 9: Wrestling Discussion with Lucy T WWE of AOL & Yahoo Sports

Sonny Sofrito & the self-proclaimed ”General Manager” Teddy Alexandro-Evans are joined by their new friend, Lucy T, the WWE Correspondent for AOL & Yahoo Sports. They discuss her opinions on wrestling and Wrestlemania, how Lucy got into wrestling and covering it, and what she has coming up.

You can follow Lucy on Twitter & Intagram: @LucyTWWE
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Episode 8: Elimination Chamber recap, WWE Network Favorites, & more.

The green-haired Glamazon Tara Marie, the “self proclaimed” General Manager Teddy Alexandro Evans, and Sonny Sofrito are back together again! Listen to them recap Elimination Chamber, talk RAW & Smackdown, and breakdown their favorite WWE Network programs.

Interview: Joakim Morales of Battle Club Pro

KD interviews Joakim Morales, co-owner of Battle Club Pro, about his start in pro wrestling, the many roles he has taken on in the business, his upcoming WELCOME TO WAR show on March 3rd, and much more.