YEP! We Got A Podcast: Episode 4 – It takes a team to change the ropes.

We talk about it all in this episode: Tragedy, Politics, & Good Vibes related to wrestling, as well as breaking down Raw, Smackdown, DeAngelo Russell, and how many people does t take to change the ropes. We also answer some viewer questions.

The Ambulance is more OVER than Roman & Braun.

Janelle G & Sir Wilkins debate all things wrestling like The Ambulance, Enzo & Cass, GLOW spoilers, and much more … while Sonny Sofrito takes a turn at moderating in this 3rd episode.

Episode 2

Janelle G, Sir Wilkins, & Sonny Sofrito talk all things wrestling in this 2nd episode of YEP! WE GOT A PODCAST.

The Pilot Episode

YEP! I Like Wrestling fan forum presents YEP! WE GOT A PODCAST with Janelle G, Sir Wilkins, & Sonny Sofrito. This is the pilot episode.