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Yepilw-FB-GroupYou like wrestling, I like wrestling, we all like wrestling! So lets have fun talking wrestling! We all have either been a longtime fan, or a fan that jumps in & out of watching for various reasons. We all know what it is (choreographed, fake, etc), but we can’t help getting wrapped up in the drama, action, pageantry and overall spectacle that is pro wrestling. It is entertaining as hell, so join in on the fun.

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GROUP RULES (Updated 6/24/2016)

NO Trolling of the group with repetitive or insulting posts
NO Name Calling or Disrespecting of other members
NO Promoting of other groups (unless approved by an admin in advance)
NO Unrelated content. Keep your posts & comments group related.
NO Soliciting of people for friend requests, likes, or to join another group.

* Repeated offenses will lead to a PERMANENT BAN
** If you see a violation, inbox an admin with the title of the post, or report the post in the group.
*** Overall, just use COMMON SENSE. Conduct yourself with others, the same way you would conduct with them in person.