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YEP! We Got A Podcast: Episode 6 – Sir Wilkins And His Trusty Ascot

This week Sir WIlkins fends off Sonny Sofrito & Janelle from HR, with the help of his trusty ascot, on all things in and out of professional wrestling.

YEP! We Got A Podcast: Episode 5 – Everybody Hates Alberto

This week Janelle from HR, Sonny Sofrito, and Sir Wilkins share their thoughts on the past week in pro wrestling and tell the world how they really feel about Paige’s significant other.

YEP! Interview: Simon Gotch of WWE Vaudevillains (aka Simon Grimm)

Kervin D. interviews Simon Grimm, formerly known as WWE’s Simon Gotch of The Vaudevillains, where he tag teamed with Aiden English. Get to know where and how he started in wrestling, his amazing Dusty Rhodes impression, and much more