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YEP! We Got A Podcast: Episode 7 – Lucky Number Seven!

Sonny Sofrito, Sir Wilkins, & Janelle from HR spend this 7th Episode going from Bellas & Divas, to Mark Henry & shakeups, to The Rock & Siri, plus much, much more. Plus, Janelle gets put through a window!

YEP! Interview: Ace Andrews of FTW & BCW Promotions

Sir Wilkins sits down with Independent Wrestler Ace Andrews, and talk about his beginnings, the indie wrestling scene, and what he has coming up on the horizon.

YEP! We Got A Podcast: Episode 6 – Sir Wilkins And His Trusty Ascot

This week Sir WIlkins fends off Sonny Sofrito & Janelle from HR, with the help of his trusty ascot, on all things in and out of professional wrestling.