Podcast #41: Hell In A Cell Recap, WWE TV Thoughts, & 7 Years of YEP!

Sonny & Teddy welcome back Indie Wrestler Aramis LaPaz, and kick off the episode with the new theme show music. They then recap a full week of wrestling, and celebrate YEP! I Like Wrestling’s 7 year anniversary.
DISCLAIMER: This is a Wrestling Podcast with ADULT CONTENT & HUMOR. And we REALLY mean that.
Episode 41 features:
Sonny Sofrito, Creator & Co-founder of YEP! I Like Wrestling, (@SonnySofrito)
Teddy Alexandro-Evans, The “Reinstated” General Manager of YEP! I Like Wrestling (@TheYEPGM)
Aramis LaPaz, The Wolf of Wrestling, (@AramisLaPazWrestler)

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