Podcast #40: WWE Hell In A Cell Predictions, Raw, SmackDown Live, and Breaking News

Sonny & Teddy kick off this episodes at odds, since the the Board Of Directors (of Sonny’s life) have reinstated Teddy as the GM (which starts off the episode). They then breakdown Raw & Smackdown, and talk about the acheivement of episode 40. They also give their predictions for WWE Hell In A Cell with help from the returning Roger & Kevin.
DISCLAIMER: This is a Wrestling Podcast with ADULT CONTENT & HUMOR. And we REALLY mean that.
Episode 40 features:
Sonny Sofrito, Creator & Co-founder of YEP! I Like Wrestling, (@SonnySofrito)
Teddy Alexandro-Evans, The “General Manager” of YEP! I Like Wrestling (@TheYEPGM)
Kevin Wood, The Indie Mark of YEP! I Like Wrestling, (@_cxvi)
Roger Adams, The Name Dropper (@ThinkPanavision)
YEP! I Like Wrestling Board of Directors (Sonny’s Love Alison & Sonny’s Mom Denise)

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