Interview: Mike Kingston, Creator of Headlocked Comic (at New York Comic Con 2018)

Sonny Sofrito (@SonnySofrito on ALL social media) interviews Mike Kingston, creator of Headlocked Comic, after a long day at NYCC 2018. They discuss his creation of Headlocked, the wrestlers he’s worked with, bridging the divide between comics and wrestling, and the big plans he has for the future.

You can check out Headlocked Comic on his website & Social Media:

Podcast #50: Roman Reigns battling Leukemia, WWE Evolution predictions, & Dean Ambrose Heel Turn

Tara, Sonny & Teddy celebrate episode 50 with 2 guests, for a DISCLAIMER filled episode, as the talk Evolution, Dean Ambrose’s heel turn on Seth Rollins, and the delicate subject of Roman Reigns announcement that he has Leukemia again.
DISCLAIMER: This is a Wrestling Podcast with ADULT CONTENT & HUMOR. And we REALLY mean that.
Episode 50 features:
Tara Marie, The Glamazon Princess of YEP! I Like Wrestling (@HelloGlamazon on Twitter & Instagram)
April, The Brooklyn Wolf of Make UP, (@howlzzz_of_mak3up on Instagram)
Sonny Sofrito, Creator & Co-founder of YEP! I Like Wrestling, (@SonnySofrito on ALL social media)
Teddy Alexandro-Evans, The “General Manager” of YEP! I Like Wrestling (@GreatestYEPGM on Instagram)
Stephen, the self proclaimed Beige Benoit, (@StephMcNasty on Instagram)